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Our Most Popular Questions.

Q1 What do you manufacture?

We manufacture sauce, syrup and coatings for industrial use. We supply those products to other manufacturers. In other words, we are an OEM, so we do not retail.

Q2 What is the minimum order?

500 kilograms per order for sauce and syrup, 1,000 kilograms per order for chocolate coating/couverture, and 500 kilograms per order for color coating/couverture

Q3 What types of packaging do you offer?

We mostly pack our finished products into plastic bags, sized 1,2, 10 and 20 kilograms. The smallest size we have is 30g (sachet). If a customer wants their product in food-grade plastic bottles, they have to provide us with the supplier because we focus on mass-producing for Industrial use.

Q4 Is it possible to have the same product as a certain brand?

We do not have our own formulas, but we can produce the product that is closest to our customer’s demand. We can also create a new formula for each customer. The formula will be kept confidential.
Remark: The formula we develop belongs to us. Each formula is exclusive for each customer. It cannot be produced by other manufacturers. A contract is needed.

Q5 What will the total cost be?

That depends. We need to know the guideline or what our customer’s specifications are. For instance, customers have to specify if they want to add real fruits in the recipe, the percentage of the fruits, or if they only want syrups with odor and color. The production cost therefore depends on each recipe.

Q6 How long is the shelf life?

In case of preservation needed, we always add preservation as the law regulates. The shelf life of a product (before use) depends on its pH and brix, which can be varied.


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